top placement in this indicator = top placement in this indicator

Preselection Criteria
Publications [?] 2763,0
Citations [?] 1,2
Marie Curie projects [?] 1
Outstandig researchers [?]  
Student mobility [?] 1
Teaching staff mobility [?]  
Erasmus Mundus Master's [?]  
ERC-grants [?]  
Students' Judgements
Overall study situation (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,2
Advisory (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Career centers (mas.&doc.) [?] 3,9
Examinations (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Laboratories (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,8
Library (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Training (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,4
Study organisation (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
IT-infrastructure (mas.) [?] 2,6
Counselling (mas.) [?] 2,6
Websites (mas.) [?] 2,8
Rooms (mas.) [?] 1,8
Social relations (mas.) [?] 1,9
Conference attendance (doc.) [?] 3,2
Research community (doc.) [?] 2,6
Time for PhD project (doc.) [?]  
Workroom (doc.) [?] 2,1
Workshops (doc.) [?] 4,4
Institutional Survey
staff and students
Staff (with a doctoral degree) [?] 35
International staff [?]  
Doctoral students [?] 18
International doctorates [?]  
Master's students [?] 68
International master's students [?]  
Gender balance staff [?] 86/14 [%male/%female]
Gender balance doctoral students [?] 83/17 [%male/%female]
Gender balance master's students [?] 74/26 [%male/%female]
Scientific Journals in library [?] 53,0
Memberships in Editorial Boards [?] 0,3 per 10 staff members
Research Areas Covered
Research Profile
Research Teams
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc. Condensed Matter: Structure, etc. Elementary Particles and Fields General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc. Gravitation and Astrophysics Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Classical Optics, etc. Nuclear Physics Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
funding and counselling
Funding for international master's students [?] The HEI does not provide any funding available for International Master students. The "Regional agency for the right of the university stydy" provides scholarships depending on merit and incoming
Counselling by students [?]
Counselling by academic staff [?] student counselling, tutoring/mentoring
Counselling for international master's students

Egidio Landi Deg'Innocenti
Department of Physics and Astronomy
+39 0552055233

special features
Special Features for Master's Courses: The masters programme has its center in a campus where are located many Excellence Research Istitutions, like the LENS (European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy), the LABEC (Laboratory of Nuclear Applications for Cultural Heritage) and the local sections of INFN (Italian Institut of Nuclear Physics) and CNR (National Research Council). This gives a lot of opportunities for what concerns the thesis work.
Research Facilities: LABEC (INFN-University of Firenze Laboratory for Cultural heritage): LABEC is a laboratory in the Sezione di Firenze of INFN, established with the main purpose of performing applications of nuclear techniques in the field of problems related to the Cultural Heritage. LENS. LENS was born as an European scientific research centre providing advanced laser and spectroscopic facilities for researchers from European countries and promoting and facilitating the exchange of ideas, scientific techniques, and technical skills. Affiliations INFN, ENEA,CNR, INOA.

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