top placement in this indicator = top placement in this indicator

Preselection Criteria
Publications [?] 437,0
Citations [?] 0,9
Student mobility [?] 17
Teaching staff mobility [?]  
Erasmus Mundus Master's [?]  
Highly cited books [?]  
Students' Judgements
Overall study situation (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,3
Advisory (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,7
Career centers (mas.&doc.) [?] 3,4
Examinations (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,3
Laboratories (mas.&doc.) [?]  
Library (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,8
Training (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,4
Study organisation (mas.&doc.) [?] 3,1
IT-infrastructure (mas.) [?] 2,1
Counselling (mas.) [?] 2,6
Websites (mas.) [?] 2,1
Rooms (mas.) [?] 1,8
Social relations (mas.) [?] 2,1
Institutional Survey
staff and students
Staff (with a doctoral degree) [?] 50
International staff [?] 63,2 %
Doctoral students [?] 210
International doctorates [?] 19,0 %
Master's students [?]  
International master's students [?]  
Gender balance staff [?] 65/35 [%male/%female]
Gender balance doctoral students [?] 29/71 [%male/%female]
Gender balance master's students [?]  
Guest Scientists [?] 7,7 per year
Guest Lecturers [?] 17,3 per year
Scientific Journals in library [?] 210,0
Memberships in Editorial Boards [?] 10,3 per 10 staff members
Research Areas Covered
Research Profile
Research Teams
Clinical Psychology / Psychotherapy Cognitive Psychology (Cognition and Emotion) Developmental Psychology Differential and Personality Psychology Neuropsychology / Biopsychology Social Psychology
funding and counselling
Funding for international master's students [?] The University of Zurich participates in the ERASMUS programme, in the two programmes "International-to-International ISEP Exchanges" and "U.S. to International ISEP-Exchanges" and has bilateral agreements with several universities worldwide concerning students exchange. Within these programmes grants are offered. Further information...
Counselling by students [?] student counselling, tutoring, other counselling activities or services
Counselling by academic staff [?] student counselling, special counselling for international students
Counselling for international master's students

Gian Beeli
University of Zurich, Department of Psychology
+41 44 635 71 54

special features
Special Features for Master's Courses: The four different master's programmes cover a very large spectrum of the field of psychology. Seventeen regular professorships are participating not only in teaching, but also directly support the students in their master''s thesis which is a crucial part of the curriculum (25%). The combination of the major subject with a large variety of minor subjects makes the master''s programme even more diverse and attractive as it enhances, combined with internships in psychological institutions, the students'' employability.
Alumni Programmes for Doctoral Students: An Alumni program of the Institute of Psychology has recently been established. Events will be organized soon. It is open for people holding all academic degrees (BSc, MSc, Dr. Prof.).
Alumni Programmes for Master's Students: The psych-alumni-association was founded in November 2008 and has the aim to facilitate postgraduate networking.
Research Facilities: The Institute of Psychology UZH offers a subject-specific library with approx. 120 Journals and 40’000 books. Additionally, we administrate a test library with all common psychological tests. Students’ licenses for research-specific software are provided from the UZH. Wireless LAN is accessible in all rooms of the institute, including the library, cafeteria and lunchroom. Furthermore we offer approx. 50 computer workstations for students.
International Conferences in recent years: International Conference on Prospective Memory (2005); General Online Research Conference (2005); International Society of Neuropsychology (2006); 4th and 5th conference for young scientists of work and organizational psychology (2007, 2008); International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter (2004 - 2009); Motivation in Context (2007); Health and health promotion over the life-span (2009); 8th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology (2009); Kongress für Gesundheitspsychologie (2009); Embitterment and mental disorders (2009); Stress and coping in couples (2010)

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