top placement in this indicator = top placement in this indicator

Preselection Criteria
Publications [?] 61,0
Citations [?] 1,0
Student mobility [?]  
Teaching staff mobility [?]  
Erasmus Mundus Master's [?] 2
Highly cited books [?]  
Students' Judgements
Overall study situation (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Advisory (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,1
Career centers (mas.&doc.) [?] 3,2
Examinations (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,9
Laboratories (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Library (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,9
Training (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,4
Study organisation (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,5
IT-infrastructure (mas.) [?]  
Counselling (mas.) [?]  
Websites (mas.) [?] 1,8
Rooms (mas.) [?] 1,7
Social relations (mas.) [?] 1,8
Institutional Survey
staff and students
Staff (with a doctoral degree) [?] 17
International staff [?] 41,2 %
Doctoral students [?] 45
International doctorates [?] 82,2 %
Master's students [?] 47
International master's students [?] 93,6 %
Gender balance staff [?] 82/18 [%male/%female]
Gender balance doctoral students [?] 38/62 [%male/%female]
Gender balance master's students [?] 57/43 [%male/%female]
Guest Scientists [?] 2,3 per year
Guest Lecturers [?] 6,7 per year
Scientific Journals in library [?] 86,0
Memberships in Editorial Boards [?] 1,8 per 10 staff members
Scientific Prizes won by staff [?] 5,0 in 5 years
Number of Int. Conferences [?] 5,0 in 5 years
Staff teaching in Summer Schools [?] 9,8 %
Research Areas Covered
Research Profile
Research Teams
Comparative Politics Domestic Policy Epistemology and Methodology European Studies International Relations Political Economy Political Theory / Philosophy
funding and counselling
Funding for international master's students [?] The Central European University provides a wide range of financial aids. Students can receive a full scholarship, which provides housing in the dormitory, and approx. 350 EUR/month. At the doctoral level the stipend is approximately 750 EUR/month. The partial scholarships provide housing in the dormitory and 150 EUR/month. Those who do not receive a scholarship can obtain a full or partial tuition waiver. About 95% of the students of Political Science receive some kind of financial aid.
Counselling by students [?] student counselling, tutoring, other counselling activities or services
Counselling by academic staff [?] student counselling, tutoring, special counselling for international students, other counselling activities or services
Counselling for international master's students

Sara Molnar
Central European University / Department of Political Science
+36 1 3273078

special features
Special Features for Master's Courses: The program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum in theory and research methods in contemporary political science. Specializations include a variety of fields such as: politics and economics of democratization in a comparative perspective, international development, comparative and European politics, current issues in the theory and practice of constitutional democracy, political theory, political sociology, and political economy. US standards in research and teaching are combined with the varied requirements of an international student body.
Alumni Programmes for Doctoral Students: Alumni Relations and Career Services’ (ARCS) mission is to engage all CEU alumni and students in a mutually beneficial, lifelong connection to each other and the university. We strive to empower students and alumni with the skills necessary to succeed in their professional lives, while fully utilizing the power of the CEU alumni network. Through our diverse range of services and programs, ARCS empowers students and graduates to find the best opportunities available and to develop their career paths, while ensuring that they have access to information relevant to professional interests.
Alumni Programmes for Master's Students: All graduates of the university are automatically regular members of the alumni association upon completing their CEU degrees. Individuals, whose active participation or regular donations have resulted in major development of the association or the university, may be awarded honorary membership. Alumni programs include Stay Involved - alumni clubs,alumni services, alumni recruitment; Get Connected - special events & reunions, alumni records; Career Services, Guide to Giving - alumni fundraising, News and Events - alumni communication, alumni newsletter.
Research Facilities: The CEU Library is a leading research and information center in the region, making use of all available means of information technology. The CEU Library gives access to almost 30 000 electronic and print periodical holdings. The Library has access to various electronic databases such as EBSCO, CIAO, JSTOR, Journal Search, etc. The University provides access to some 1000 desktop computers connected to the network, which have up-to-date software: MS-Office, SPSS, STATA, etc and Novell Groupwise as e-mail client.

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