General remarks

top placement in this indicator = top placement in this indicator

Preselection Criteria
Publications [?] 86,0
Citations [?] 1,7
Student mobility [?]  
Teaching staff mobility [?] 1
Erasmus Mundus Master's [?]  
Highly cited books [?]  
Students' Judgements
Overall study situation (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,5
Advisory (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,1
Career centers (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,1
Examinations (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,0
Laboratories (mas.&doc.) [?]  
Library (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,2
Training (mas.&doc.) [?] 2,1
Study organisation (mas.&doc.) [?] 1,7
IT-infrastructure (mas.) [?] 1,5
Counselling (mas.) [?] 1,6
Websites (mas.) [?] 1,7
Rooms (mas.) [?] 1,9
Social relations (mas.) [?] 1,7
Institutional Survey
staff and students
Staff (with a doctoral degree) [?] 26
International staff [?] 11,5 %
Doctoral students [?] 74
International doctorates [?] 8,1 %
Master's students [?] 115
International master's students [?] 15,7 %
Gender balance staff [?] 73/27 [%male/%female]
Gender balance doctoral students [?] 57/43 [%male/%female]
Gender balance master's students [?] 44/56 [%male/%female]
Guest Scientists [?] 3,7 per year
Guest Lecturers [?] 3,7 per year
Scientific Journals in library [?] 235,0
Memberships in Editorial Boards [?] 2,3 per 10 staff members
Scientific Prizes won by staff [?] 7,0 in 5 years
Number of Int. Conferences [?] 4,0 in 5 years
Staff teaching in Summer Schools [?] 9,0 %
Research Areas Covered
Research Profile
Research Teams
Comparative Politics Domestic Policy Epistemology and Methodology European Studies International Relations Political Economy Political Sociology Political Theory / Philosophy Public Policy
funding and counselling
Funding for international master's students [?] no special funding
Counselling by students [?] tutoring, special counselling for international students, other counselling activities or services
Counselling by academic staff [?] student counselling, tutoring, special counselling for international students, special counselling for international students
special features
Special Features for Master's Courses: The P&V Master's program is based on an interdisciplinary approach. It is structured into four fields of specialization “Comparative Politics and Policy Analysis”, “Management and Organizational Behaviour”, “International Relations and European Integration” and “Public Administration and Conflict Management” where the boundaries are permeable and enable students to mix specialities individually. Internationalization is a further important feature; for study abroad, students are able to choose among a pool of more than 70 partners in Europe and the USA. Aditionally, we offer two Dual Degree Mas.
Alumni Programmes for Doctoral Students: KonNet (see the section on master's alumni programmes) is also open for doctoral alumni of the department. Furthermore, KonNet is currently building up a special subgroup "KonNet Scholars" addressing those alumni who are working at universities or other research institutions.
Alumni Programmes for Master's Students: The alumni association "KonNet" has about 600 members and cooperates closely with the department, especially in offering internships and jobs. KonNet is part of VEUK, the alumni association of the University of Konstanz. KonNet publishes the journal "Kontext" and organizes an alumni meeting every year. KonNet has also regional subgroups in 10 German (and Swiss) cities that meet regularly.
Research Facilities: The University has a central library open 24 hours a day. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Politics has at its disposal three computing laboratories with a total of 93 workstations. The rooms are equipped with a high band internet connection, printer, beamer, flipcharts, whiteboards and overhead projector.Installed software: Bibliografix, Christine-GIS Viewer, FSQCA, Gauss, JMP, Jmulti, Max QDA2007,R, Tosmana, STATA and other special programs for research.

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